Monday, October 21, 2013

Summation of Problems with Obamacare

There is no doubt that this country is in dire need of healthcare reform, However, the current program has numerous flaws and needs to be fixed. In my opinion as a health insurance broker, Obamacare needs a major overhaul.

The politicians need to use common sense and leave their egos at the door to fix this program and make it workable for all, not just a ...chosen small segment of the populace.

Before my liberal friends point to Medicare as an example of a well run government program, let me remind you that Medicare today is a huge drain on the financial stability of this country. Citizens in this country have worked hard and earned the right to government managed healthcare, however with the number of baby boomers coming into the program in the next few years, Medicare will present an even greater financial challenge to an already financially challenged government.

Therefore, it is totally out of the question that a single payer system of healthcare reform can even be discussed at a time of fiscal crisis within our nation.

The major problem with this current reform called Obamacare is that a liberal administration placed too much emphasis on the lower income uninsured and did not consider the effect on hard working middle class citizens.

For every client that I consult with that realizes a significant benefit from Obamacare, there are at least three who are seeing significant rate increases up to 300% of their current plan.

The problem is twofold in my opinion as a health insurance consultant. The program includes too many mandated health benefits which raise costs and does not allow someone to purchase a simple major medical plan that simply protects financial liability. For those who do not qualify for premium subsidies, the premium cost increases are astronomical.

In addition, the Obama administration rushed a program to market that utilized the internet as a major information and enrollment tool. They did not perform proper Beta testing of their platform nor did they wait until the proper counselors were certified to advise clients. This has resulted in mass confusion for the consumer and a general waste of everyone's time in trying to access and gain knowledge from a system that is not functional.

What needs to happen here is that a timeout needs to be taken to fix this entire flawed program. In my opinion, this is not a major undertaking. Change the law to allow people to keep their current health plans like Obama promised, allow lesser benefit, lower cost catastrophic plans to be included and fix the extremely flawed web based system that now exists.

It is also my opinion that citizens need to take more responsibility for their personal healthcare and not rely on the government to educate them as to what are good health practices. In short, everyone needs to chip in to create a healthier nation with affordable healthcare.

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